The Way to Dusty Death

Frisky Halfspeed Productions

The Courtyard Theatre

THE WAY TO DUSTY DEATH is an original twist on Shakespeare's enduring classic, The Tragedy of Macbeth, reimagined as a Murder Mystery Western.
Set in a silver-mining town in Arizona in the days of the Wild West, Mayor King and his allies are celebrating their victory over a gang of outlaws with his closest allies at the Hellcat Saloon. But when long-buried secrets are revealed in the course of the night and the Mayor is found dead in the morning the remaining guests have to navigate a web of lies and grudges to either find the murderer or someone to pin the blame on.
Is it The Sheriff, a man comfortable with killing?
Is it The Doctor, a man desperate for money?
Is it The Doctor's Wife, a woman trying to protect her husband?
Is it The Madam, the Mayor's secret lover?
Is it The Bartender, a man possessed by jealousy?
Is it The Cowboy, the stranger among then?
Is it one of The Sisters, the mysterious fortune-telling dancing girls?

Milo Maris
Louise Moberg
Emily Page
Ian Chávez Zárate
Isabel Lamers
Johan Ribbing


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