It’s 2023 and the Camden Fringe will be back for a 17th season in August.

We’ve got loads of brilliant shows on sale – there’s the usual mix of the weird and the wonderful taking place at some of London’s best small venues in North London. Check out the What’s On pages for all the details.

We’re still taking applications from shows if you are interested in taking part, but don’t delay!

Follow our social media channels for updates, opportunities and reminders.

The Camden Fringe Festival is a golden opportunity for the London crowd to discover little gems of theatre scattered around the city and get closer to smaller theatre companies’ creative craft.

The Upcoming, 2022

Edinburgh isn’t the only place with a bursting, brilliant fringe, and indeed as the Scottish capital’s iconic event becomes ever more expensive, the once scrappy outsider Camden Fringe looks ever more like a serious contender. It’s smaller than Edinburgh by a long shot, but still boasts hundreds of events all over Camden, taking in everything from the expected stand-up sets and experimental theatre to kids’ shows, dance, and even magic. Runs tend to be for a night or two rather than the entire month, and prices are bargain basement by London standards, usually less than a tenner.

Time Out, 2022

The Camden Fringe is the closest thing we have to a London Comedy Festival.

Evening Standard, 2021


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