Hex Sells

Allie Young

What is it about the witch that fascinates us? Did the witch hunts ever really die? And what the hell is a penis nest?!

In the 15th century, witches were accused of all kinds of hideous happenings. The Malleus Maleficarum, or the Witches Hammer, was an official manual used in the persecution of witches. Giving guidance on all sorts of things including the belief that witches stole penises and owned penis nests!

In 2024, witch hunts may look a bit different, but we may recognize them if we’re really willing to notice how they’ve changed their form. This show uses a modern day "lifestyle podcast" as a framing device to ridicule the lunacy of the accusations still being thrown at women.

Through cabaret, grotesque burlesque, spoken word, and lipsync, the witch shares with the audience who she really is, if you’re willing to learn from her. What will the witch say next? Who are we told she is, and who is she really?

The stage is the witches playground where she unapologetically shapeshifts and plays in all the mess of the things that people say that she is.

Hex Sells! is a one woman/witch unapologetic feminist extravaganza of a show!

Event Details

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £15

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Facebook: Alison Young

Instagram hexsellsshow


Fake blood. Loud noises. Work in progress showing. Inference of violence against witches.

Suitable for ages: 18+

See venue page for accessibility information.

31 July 2024 7.00pm

The Cockpit

Full: £15

Conc: £12


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