Woman. Life. Freedom

Nalini Theatre Company

Canal Cafe Theatre

As Women, when are choices not really choices? Woman. Life. Freedom, a play made in response to the Iranian protests, follows Meera as she explores her relationship to herself, Islam and the choices many Muslim women in Britain struggle with. The conversation around Islam and a woman's relationship to her Hijab is complex and polarised in today's world. Woman. Life. Freedom adds depth to this conversation questioning how the patriarchy affects women.
"Woman. Life. Freedom is a nuanced piece of writing that makes it clear that wearing a hijab should be a woman’s choice and not imposed upon her" - Everything Theatre. Through humor mixed with engaging writing, topics approached in ‘Woman. Life. Freedom’ such as anger toward the patriarchy and balancing responsibility with personal truth are held, understood and given space to breathe.
This piece was made to spark discussions around Muslim women and the politicisation of their freedoms in a global context. Every part of this play was created by people belonging to the Global Majority, and their voices were centered throughout.
Cast: Alicia Fernandes, Bushra Baig, Ayesha Parkar, Yusuf Naya, Lillie Pugh, Simon Pugh, Adi Roy Bhattacharya


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