With A Bang.

Midnight Detour Theatre

Estranged lovers Arthur and Eleanor honour a pact they made when still in love: to spend the last day on Earth together. As humanity faces certain doom, they reflect on who they were and who they could have been...

This show lets its characters do what we all wish we could, but know we shouldn't: perform a post-mortem on a relationship, reaching into the mess to try and find out if there was a functional beating heart in the centre, without any consequences. Arthur and Eleanor tear apart their past, and each other, through a mixture of cold hard statistics, questionable anecdotes, and heartfelt reflections, all while trying to justify to the audience why they both decided to meet each other (despite other obligations, partners, and their feelings) at the end of the world.

60 mins


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Comedy, Theatre, Black Comedy, 2 Hander, Drama

Comedy, Theatre, Black Comedy, 2 Hander, Drama


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