Witch Hazel

Laughing Lemonade

Etcetera Theatre

- Have you ever thought about storing bank-notes in your cleavage?
- No. Have you?
- Oh, no. God no. It is extremely vulgar.

Jayne, 39, has just finished an elocution lesson. For the next 40 minutes, she is drawn into the odd world that her teacher and her flatmate have occupied for decades, a microcosm of in-jokes and unquestioned habits stubbornly at odds with 21st century mores. A densely layered piece of social surrealism, Witch Hazel or The Witch Hazel fuses Albee's eye for petty antagonism with the digressiveness of Ionesco and the verbal richness of Chris Morris. 'Prune!'

From the makers of the Cairo Time album!


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