Wife Material

Heleana and Sophia Blackwell

Camden People's Theatre

First comes love, then comes equal marriage...

Real-life married couple Heleana and Sophia Blackwell grew up with Section 28, late-night lesbian films in which not much happened, and a desire to get out of their hometowns. Through comedy, poetry and the occasional song and dance, the couple take a frank and left-field look at what happens before and after love at first sight. With their background stories sketched out through spoken word, Wife Material includes dating disasters, lockdown love, and the similarities and differences between Italian and West Indian mothers, plus advice on the best way to fit a duvet cover and how to cope with being slut-shamed by a financial institution.

Directed by multi-award-winning comedian Maria Shehata, Wife Material is a celebration of silliness, chosen family, queer joy and finding someone whose eccentricities complement your own.


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