What Now?

Marina Joy

Museum of Comedy

In this fast-paced storytelling journey, Marina reminisces about university and being told by her lecturer that she dances like a sack of potatoes. Watch her muddle through graduate life, attempt (and fail) to become a professional fairy and children's entertainer including irritating parents with her risqué balloon modelling. (Still got to keep the wings though). Wondered what on earth happened during lockdown, gained a brother 20 years her junior instead of a poodle. Investigated online Christian dating, which is VERY different from Tinder. What was it like growing up as a Christian kid in the noughties? And WHO are Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber?! This show delves into themes such as faith, grief, and adulting. "Just do it again but better," Marina was told. However, how does that work in a world where things don't go to plan. The only question we can ask ourselves is...What Now?!


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