Konrad Kozior

The Cockpit

A play from one to all. A story of two brothers. One is gone.
The other one didn't know what's going on until it was too late.
A look at the sense of life, its motives, challenges and the places where we meet with our desires, ourselves. A place where all these clash with the rules set by society.
If morals are set by us, can we change them?
Are they flexible? Or is it better to just not care and move on with our own lives?

Rebellion against life.

“Next time you judge me because I don’t fit into your box, what if I was the reason to give you another one?”

“Happy Birthday to You!”

The story is written, performed and produced by a young, new artist making steps into innovative storytelling.

Audience responses:
"Emotionally charged"
"Strong presence and movement"

Read an interview with Konrad Kozior here. https://camdenist.com/culture/camden-fringe-2023-konrad-kozior-interview/


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