Two Far Gone Girls

Serena and Maddie

Camden Comedy Club

This split-bill of comedy will showcase the best and brightest material Maddie and Serena have to offer. Just HOW bright I hear you ask? Like really really bright.

But who actually are these nobodies?

Maddie has just recovered from her third bout of Chlamydia which is weird given she has been with the same man for 3 and a half years. But she isn't questioning it. She'll talk about the time she ran over her own dog. The time she accidentally gave her replacement dog shrooms. And the time the RSPCA told her she wasn’t allowed dogs anymore.

Since ‘finding herself’ on a recent trip to Milton Keynes’ Spoons, Serena has decided to quit her job and dedicate herself to charity work. Expect her to open up about the horrors of her corporate past, the trials of her single future, and why sleeping with gingers actually does count as conservation work thank you very much.

Described as "horribly honest" and "really quite weird", Maddie and Serena blend storytelling with quick one-liners leaving the audience literally gasping for breath. In a good way? They still aren't sure. Come and find out!


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