Twisted Tales

Box House Theatre

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"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, Twisted Tales serves as an excellent example of the type of boundary pushing theatre that is out there if you know where to look." - The Reviews Hub
A group of thespians stumble upon an ominous book filled with grisly and gory tales.
Will the thespians be bound to act as the book's puppets, destined for a life of performing but never truly free?

Twisted Tales is a "visually stunning" Platform Theatre piece created by Box House Theatre Company.

A cast of six regal actors are confined to the space of a gym mat whilst showcasing four folk tales which all end with a twist. Platform Theatre relies solely on the actor's arsenal to create props, set, costume and sound to build the very world in which they tell their story. This piece explores the stories we all know and love, from Red Riding Hood's gruesome tale, to the Saga of the almighty Vikings, all in a way that you have never seen before!

Box House Theatre flips performance conformity on its head and introduces new and innovative ways of performing "boundary pushing theatre".


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