Truth, Love & Madness or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Depression

Zac Thraves

The Water Rats

My Truth, that I self-harmed, considered suicide on many occasions, tried to beat the world back and faced a future of loneliness. My Love, that I chose to try a different route, to take ownership of who I truly was and understand why I was feeling the emotions I was feeling. Was I the problem? My Madness, discovering that so many others have similar views to me, that tablets are not the answer, that we hold the power to our own mind and we have been fooled into thinking otherwise.

Zac Thraves used to be Depressed - Join him for 50 minutes of exploring what it’s like to be a cog in the mental health industry! Are we the ones that are mentally ill or is it the “normals” that have it wrong?
Zac challenges the idea that the only route to wellness is to be good, take your tablets and do therapy. There is another way - Understand your Truth, Love & Madness. Let’s peer into The Matrix. Are you ready to take the red pill?
Zac explores the rabbit hole and talks about his experience with self-harm, attempted suicide and discovering that it is he who wields the power!


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