True West

Luder Theatre Company

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

TRUE WEST is in town!

SAM SHEPARD is a unique voice in contemporary theatre. Breaking through convention, moving beyond reason, liberating the imagination is his trademark.
TRUE WEST is visceral, provocative and hilarious. Set in the late 70s, on the border between Hollywood and nowhere, screenwriter Austin attempts to sell his period love story to film Producer, Saul Kimmer. Invaded by his brother Lee, a drifter and a thief, this plan is threatened. Lee has an authentic, true contemporary Western story to offer. All hell breaks loose. Coyotes yip and howl outside. crickets hiss in the intense heat. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. Mom's neat, suburban Californian kitchen floats precariously in the vast, untamed landscape of the desert. The central relationship of these two estranged brothers reflects this and creates a real thrill that is the magnetic attraction of opposites.


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