Too Soon?

Kal Aise

Lion & Unicorn Theatre

By turns funny, emotional and at times disturbing, "Too Soon?" follows stand-up comedian Ash Khan who suffered a very public breakdown while presenting an award at the 2007 BAFTAs. His career ended overnight. Jasmine, his girlfriend of ten years, left him, his best friend Rowan emigrated, and Ash disappeared.

"Too Soon?" opens six years later at his 2013 comeback show. But it soon becomes clear this will be no ordinary night of comedy. The audience want answers, the tech team ridicule him - he wonders if Jasmine and Rowan have orchestrated a huge prank against him. But it seems more than that.

Trying desperately to hold things together, Ash is forced to relive lost cherished moments - then many he’d rather forget - flying through the tears and laughter of their lives in the decade leading up to his disappearance. Will he finally confront it all? Can he be redeemed?

Written and directed by Kal Aise, "Too Soon?" explores how things that should be positives – humour, love, friendship, celebrity - can cross the line into a dark place. It looks at the factors, including class, race and gender power dynamics, which can sadly lead people to stand-by and let it happen.


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