To Hecate!


Etcetera Theatre

Sue and Di have been friends for years, sharing in the exuberance of their youth, and supporting each other through the ‘family’ years. Once party girls, they are now party to each other’s unhappy worries about aging. The ‘hot flushes' are taking their toll; things change, but the shifting sands on which they now stand are unfamiliar and unsteady. ‘To Hecate!’ is a wry look at aging, the process of drying out, and knowing that some are happy to watch you being left out to dry. In the grip of menopause Sue asks: “When did I become someone who needs so much supplementation?” Are we damaged as we age? Worth less? If experience is worth its weight in gold, surely that’s a cumbersome millstone to bear? How can women bear what Shakespeare referred to as ‘the hideous winter’? As they chat over coffee and move onto wine, the clarity becomes heart-breaking. Because we all succumb to the moon in the end; ultimately, we’re all like Hecate, standing at the crossroads and trying to hold our torches high ... to see, and be seen.


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