Joe Dennis

Tides... the intense waves of life constantly moving, in and out, up, and down, sometimes gentle, and other times big and overwhelming. We've all experienced immense highs and lows, right? Well try dealing with them when you're on the Autism Spectrum.

Dylan Ward is autistic. He doesn't connect with people quite like how others can. He can't follow conventional norms in the way that is expected from him, he doesn’t communicate in the same way, he has his own way of thinking, and his own way of doing things. Sadly, the rest of the world seems to not understand this. So how do you navigate a world which operates on a completely different wavelength to the one that you’re on?

A one person show based on the writer and performers real experiences of having and dealing with being on the autism spectrum, mixing movement, text, voice-overs, and combining heightened, Monty Pythonesque humour with a touch of real-world drama. Tides presents a story about identity and trying to figure out who you really are and who you’re really meant to be.

This is an insight into the world of at least one autistic individual... and the turbulence that they constantly face.

60 mins


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Comedy, Theatre, One Person Show, Drama, Tragedy, First Time Director

Comedy, Theatre, One Person Show, Drama, Tragedy, First Time Director


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