The Week I Forgot

Lynsey Bonell

Etcetera Theatre

Do you want to make your memory better? Then come to this show!

One day Lynsey forgot a week of her life and her girlfriend’s birthday. Since then she’s learnt how the memory works and how to remember birthdays. And she’ll tell you all her secrets.

Join her for a joyful walk down memory lane filled with stories, characters, stand-up and hippos, lots of lovely hippos. You’ll leave with a better recall ability than before and some free sweets.

“One to watch” - Time Out Sydney

“The impersonation is so accurate that when I first arrived I was worried the character might be genuine” - Three Weeks

Lynsey is a Soho Theatre Lab alumni, she hosts and produces the sellout New York character comedy show ‘These Are Not My Words’ and is part of the Drag King Comedy Group - The Bareback Kings. She’s performed across the UK, Europe (France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark), America (New York, LA) and Australia (Sydney, Melbourne).


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