The Pink Cactus Collective Presents PESTILENCE: WOW!

The Pink Cactus Collective

Hen & Chickens Theatre

The Pink Cactus Collective Presents

Written by Savannah Reich
Directed by Brandon Boruch
5th, 6th, 8th August at 6:00 pm
7th August at 7:30 pm

London, 1348: A third of the population has been wiped out by the Bubonic Plague and the other two-thirds are extremely freaked out. Part reality television, part psychedelic fever dream, this hilarious, irreverent and completely bonkers play is about human beings and the way we deal with real, actual tragedy: Totally inadequately, and like assholes.

Directly, PESTILENCE: WOW! mocks the incredibly chaotic spirit that humans seem to evoke in moments of desperation and turmoil. Indirectly, it takes a satirical look at how we may have acted in very recent times by going even further back and recognising that we have most definitely been here before. Every character in this play is someone you either knew, met, loved or hated during these "unprecedented times."

60 mins


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