The Marvellous Snake Boy

Alexander Richmond

Camden Comedy Club

Snake Boy was raised for 18 years by a family of red-bellies in the Australian Outback. Snake Boy knows what it is to be 'snake'. Now Snake Boy wants to learn. To learn what it is to be 'boy'. Teach him language, teach him love and compassion. Teach him arms and legs.
Snake Boy is an award-winning show that Alexander Richmond first performed back in 2018 and has been toured all around the world. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this absurd, heart-warming show.
Winner of the Adelaide Fringe 2019 Weekly Award for Best Newcomer.
Winner of the Adelaide Fringe 2019 New Zealand Tour Ready Award

Who is Snake Boy?
Alexander Richmond is an alternative comedian and writer with over nine years experience in sketch, improv and theatre. He has toured solo shows all around Australia and is currently working on several projects for both stage and screen. To see some of his current projects, check out


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