The Intellectual Ramblings of a Mad Woman (who isn’t mad)

Beth Calvert-Lee

Home is where the heart is.
Where the clothes are hung up and the groceries are stored.
Home is where it’s safe. Where the doors lock and strangers have no access.
Home is where the outside world melts away.
Which begs the question, how did you get in here?
Dry humour and undeniable charm draw us into the world of The Woman. Through her words
we are taken on an all-access tour of the 'female Londoner experience'. Pretty privilege, street
harassment, social anxiety and the crippling embarrassment that comes with carrying multiple
bags on the tube. We investigate the world through a new pair of eyes, every interaction
dissected, every stranger a threat. This dramatic solo performance explores the universal
similarities (and painful differences) of what life is like for a woman in the city.
An unreliable narrator, an ominous note and a locked door. The scene is set for the ramblings of
a mad woman.
Exciting new writing from up-and-coming actor/playwright/poet, Beth Calvert-Lee- a graduate of
the Brit School and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.
Don't miss the premiere of her debut piece at The Hope Theatre this August.


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