The Half-Cocked Sketch Show


Hen & Chickens Theatre

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Half-Cocked are back!

Following a tumultuous hiatus, full of banana bread, Call of Duty Warzone and an alarming over-use of the incognito browser, we're back with a ludicrous new sketch show.

Gangsters discuss pronouns, dirty secrets are revealed on game-shows and is that Shania Twain I hear?! - An eclectic, silly show, where fun is made out of everything and everyone.

With previous work described as "somewhere tantalisingly between Joe Orton and The Young Ones", we’ve been working hard to outdo all expectations, honing our skills, sharpening our whitt, drinking more, rehearsing even less and endeavouring to give everyone a good laugh. One thing we should probably work on, is getting to the point a bit faster!...

*It's a Sketch show


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