Tales From the Wasteland: Post-Apocalyptic Improv

Wasteland Improv

An improvised post-apocalyptic adventure comedy. Our talented and hilarious cast of wastelanders will take a single suggestion from you and craft an entire narrative before your eyes with no pre-prepared characters, story or dialogue.

If the world was ending, what would be the one thing you’d want to survive? Our band of dystopian adventurers will explore a new world and find out what’s left over after Earth’s devastation. Expect raiders, mutants and violence over scarce resources in this absurd dark comedy inspired by classics of the genre such as Mad Max, The Last of Us and Fallout.

This show is not recommended for children due to the tendency to have dark themes, violence and cannibalism. Seriously, cannibalism comes up way too often.

50 mins


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Comedy, Theatre, Immersive Improvised, Black Comedy, Amateur

Comedy, Theatre, Immersive Improvised, Black Comedy, Amateur


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