Su Mi: Banana Beard

Suhaila Suhaimi

Aces and Eights

Think it’s a stand-up solo show? Think again. This immersive comedy invites you all on a surreal misadventure of absurdist sketch, untamed thrash metal guitar solos and imaginary costumed personas.

Expect high energy, wild storytelling and whimsical uplifting nonsense left right and centre.

A wild, offbeat and exciting exploration of stand-up, musical and character comedy, this one-woman show celebrates the human experience of growing up as an immigrant child of South-East Asian descent, born and bred in the treacherous depths of East London.

Su Mi is a British Malaysian alternative comedienne and musician sharing her cultivating tales of her own cultural identity. Social commentary on intersectionality, queerness, racism and mental health as a woman of colour growing up in the Western world. Breaking stereotypical barriers of what a typical ‘Asian Woman’ should be and representing a voice that does exist in audiences, especially in the comedy world.


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