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Insert Laughter Here present Spin-a-Play!

In this completely improvised comedy show, you will be invited to suggest genres for a "brand new" play to be made up on the spot by the performers. The genres go on a spinning wheel which is then used to determine which one will be performed. You also get to provide suggestions to start the play off with, and throughout the show will be offered opportunities to shape the action as it unfolds, decide whether it goes right or wrong and even choose how it ends!

Will the action hero save the day and get the girl of his dreams, or will he fail and doom himself to a life of mockery? Will the charismatic thief successfully steal the diamond in the heist she has been planning for decades, or will it all go hilariously awry? Will the reclusive, eccentric but wealthy land owner finally convince the heir to his estate to marry the girl he has chosen for him, or will he be spurned forever more and resign himself to solitude? The possibilities are literally endless when the audience has the power of choice.

One thing is guaranteed, we will Insert Laughter Here!

@ILHimprov • www.insertlaughterhere.co.uk

60 mins


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