Semblance of a Woman

23andCounting & Low Door Productions

The Water Rats

A bedroom. Midnight. Overthinking and projecting. Is there one woman...Or two?

Exploring the intricacies of female and queer identity, Semblance of a Woman is an exciting piece of devised theatre that tackles the complexities of attraction. This is a show which firmly rejects the male gaze through the use of projections and movement, taking inspiration from myths of Pygmalion, Medusa and the works of Sappho.

What does female desire look like? How do we recognise it when we have never seen it before?

Written by: Reya Muller, Emma Chatel, Helen Baird and Kelly Thurston.

Directed by: Isabelle Tyner and Reya Muller.

Costume Design: Hana Sofia.

Guest Director: Marianne James.

Guest choreographer: Jack Coster.


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