Joe Maddalena

Canal Cafe Theatre

‘If I don’t see your face everywhere, did it even exist? No! When the worms eat my face, they’ll turn to one another and say “Hey, isn’t that Daniel Pollicky’s face?” because I’m a real G.’

John, disillusioned and desperate, flicks mindlessly through his phone when someone suddenly compels him to stop and listen. A charismatic man claiming to have all the answers, and for only $25 a month – ‘Dan with a Plan’. Worth a shot, right?

Self-Help is theatre’s answer to doom-scrolling. A one-man dark comedy, it highlights the desperation in young men to feel seen, and how an impressionable mind can be easily manipulated with dangerous ideas. Follow John’s journey through the means of live music, video projection and trippy dream sequences as he goes down the sigma male rabbit hole, and loses his mind in the name of ‘self-improvement’.


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