Sacred Bath

Alice Motta

Hen & Chickens Theatre

This show was conceived in a bathtub, during a meltdown. Sacred Bath is a bold self-biographical piece delving into themes of ownership and the safety of the body, exploring the intricate relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Through a captivating blend of poetry, movement, storytelling, and humor, Alice Motta illuminates the concept of consent and its often ambiguous boundaries. And exposes medieval influences that still constrain our lives.

Presented both in English and Portuguese, this physical theatre piece invites the audience to embrace it with open senses. After a sold-out premiere in Lisbon, it previews in London.

"Light and deep", "It made me want to cry and laugh", and "Very relatable" - were some of the audience's testimonials.

Date: Monday, 7th of August at 9 PM
Location: The Hens & Chickens Theatre

60 mins


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Hen & Chickens Theatre


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