Yuhe Tian

It's a solo and autobiographical performance exploring the hidden depths of my real name. Beyond its sound and shape, a name carries stories, histories, and a unique cultural identity.

As an immigrant, I once was ashamed of my real name because I disliked the stories it carried. I disliked the sound when it was mispronounced. I wanted to fit into a culture that was unfamiliar to me; I wanted to be remembered. As a result, I chose a random English name to represent myself so that everything would be easier.

But, to be honest, who am I?

The performance “RE:NAME” integrates the transformative elements of Renee Emunah's Self-Revelatory Performance to unearth personal histories behind a name, forge connections, and create my own narratives. It also explores the unique challenges of integrating into a totally different culture and the profound impact this has on our daily lives. It offers new insights and a transformative experience of perceiving one's name origins and its special meaning to our unique life journey.

40 mins


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Theatre, Devised, One Person Show, Work-in-progress

Theatre, Devised, One Person Show, Work-in-progress


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