Rambunctious Scallywag

Farrah Alice Black

"Positively cheeky and insightful" ★★★★ - Broadway Baby

"Completely unhinged in the best way" ★★★★ - Voice Magazine

Bringing her debut Brighton Fringe show to Camden Fringe 2023

A brand new stand-up show from a Pebble Trust Bursary Winner, Rambunctious Scallywag is a joyful journey through the quarter-life crisis of a 24 year old who's lived a thousand lives.

She's gone from the President of a charity to serving hotdogs in IKEA. Had a fight with The Grinch one day, helped Lorraine Kelly with her Covid test the next. Only a few months ago she was homeless for a month, and rejected an offer to study at Cambridge... which now lives printed in a frame from Poundland.

With red hair and one deaf ear, her tall tales are the only thing distinguishing her from Vincent Van Gogh and one of the Weasley twins. So she's bringing them to her hometown Fringe for the very first time, to laugh so we don't cry and to hopefully cry from laughing. To show how finding silliness and joy during hard times can be an act of defiant rebellion, and how resilience can be found in becoming a Rambunctious Scallywag.


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