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Queendom is a two-women devised physical comedy about two Queens and two best friends, a crossover between a modern fairy tale and a sitcom about flatmates.

Introducing Andrea and Giovanna, two performer friends from Spain and Brazil who are stuck in their flat to pursue their dream of making a play – a play that is not only about how intense and serious they are but also how silly and annoying. To make that happen, they impersonate two Queens who were born stuck together and who rule a Queendom in a faraway land where they are never allowed to leave their castle. But one night, they decide to change their fate...

Through slapstick comedy, silliness, their Latin and Spanish personas, and their true connection, they take you on a roller coaster ride of the ups and downs of life and friendship. Their sense of not belonging leads them to face their fears and search for their true identity.

Queendom is a celebration of friends that become family! A unique way of portraying female friendship and breaking stereotypes, rewriting the Fairy Tale Narrative, whilst being cheeky and fun.

Audience responses:
"Absurd, funny and brilliant."
"It’s the best mix ever! And it’s contagious!”


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