PLEASURE CHAPTERS: I can’t just live on a salad!

Natalia Meksa and Angela Poulima

Theatro Technis

Are you tired of seeing constant Instagram posts that are telling you what to EAT or NOT TO EAT? All this information is overwhelming and triggering our food and even life choices! Because what is going to happen if you eat ONLY salad for 6 days? the 7th day you will eat chocolate! If you somehow relate and want to explore this PLEASURE CHAPTER, you MUST see and become a part of this interactive dance theatre performance. And there is more...! At the end of the show, we are offering a FREE women's* circle to practice solidarity and embrace our powerful female qualities. We will meditate, play, dance, and most importantly have fun together by expressing ourselves both physically and vocally!

* we welcome trans, cis-women and everyone who identifies as female

production - Angela Poulima and Natalia Meksa
performance&choreography - Natalia Meksa and Aurore Ancèle
theatre direction & dramaturgy - Angela Poulima
narrator - Mary Condon O'Connor
choreographic assistance - Laura Kenyon, Marta Swierczynska and Satya-Sara Khachik
music - Sabio Janiak
photography - Anna Krezel and Paulina Jedrzejczyk

Partnerships: Trip Space, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance


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