Phyllida Sings!

Phil Lunn

Etcetera Theatre

Phyllida invites you to a celebration of her life and career. She'll be sharing her repertoire of songs and stories—songs and stories which are unique for each performance.

The lyrics, the music, and the conversation are all inspired by the audience and created on the spot. Indeed, the whole character of Phyllida is only fully formed once the show has begun. From her piano, she'll tell of her amusing adventures, her incredible career, and her most personal moments. Come and celebrate the life of this incredible woman—you may smile, you may laugh, you may cry, you might even sing along!

“This lovely gentle clever show was a delight.” (Scene)
“Phil Lunn from the UK became the star of the festival.” (Sirp Magazine)
“A powerhouse of musical improv” (Open Your Mouth And Sing)

Phyllida is a creation of Phil Lunn, an improvising actor and musician. Phil has worked with many leading groups across the UK and Europe, and he's been invited to perform at several international festivals.


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