Ohmygod Inc.

Lilla Multipass

Rosemary Branch Theatre

If you’re reading this it means you’ve died. But not to worry! If you hustle a bit more you will be in heaven in no time. Purgatory might not look like how you’ve pictured it, things changed when startup culture infiltrated the afterlife. You’ll be glad to know that your torture is more optimised and modernised than ever before! We are pleased to offer you the full-time position of Holy Ghost Representative at God’s call centre, OhMyGod Inc. When can you start?
This work in progress comedy solo show is a parody about startup culture set in Purgatory. It explores the funny and bizarre employees and heartfelt stories of OhMyGod Inc. Expect life-and-death admin, blurred professional and personal boundaries and Steve Jobs.
In this highly interactive show, the suggestions of the audience are incorporated into the story which makes each performance feel like the audience’s own. This is a show for anyone who ever felt a little lost at work or was baffled by the strange world of Tech Giants. Beware, souls may be monitored for moral data.


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