Nick Elleray: Sassy Unit (work in progress)

Nick Elleray

Camden Comedy Club

A work-in-progress show from Nick Elleray (finalist, Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2022).

What will it be about? At the time of writing (March 1st 2023, to be precise. You know - 'the past') it looks like there will be stuff about serial killers, guilt, the shameful allure of the Playstation 5, maybe some stuff about how introverts really just want extroverts to shut up for a bit, that sort of thing.

Mostly, though, it will have jokes. Routines, bits, etc. That's the Nick Elleray Promise.

"Quality downbeat comedy" (Chortle)
"A brilliant blend of jokes" ★★★★ (Edinburgh Festivals)
"Brilliantly penned gags... a perceptive portrait of middle age" ★★★★ (The List)
"A cracking display" ★★★★ (ThreeWeeks)
"A fantastic Fringe experience" ★★★★ (Short Com)


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