Must Be This Gay To Ride

Kate Hammer

Must Be This Gay To Ride is a one-woman comedy play centring around queerness, relationships, and choosing how we define ourselves. Through personal stories, Danny, a pansexual woman, grapples with the feeling of belonging to a community that might not want to accept her. She explores the complexities of queerness: pansexual erasure, the stigma of having relationships with men, and the unspoken hierarchy of queerness. Danny then dives into the proverbial can of worms that comes with an accidental pregnancy and an abortion as a queer woman.

This play will highlight the importance of female queer stories and ask why we have not seen them on stage more. It will open a conversation about the freedoms and restrictions brought on by labels. Most importantly, it asks the audience to question their own labels: are we enough?

The things that make this show different are multiple: an unapologetically female AND queer story. We are approaching the topic of abortions as they relate to queerness. We are celebrating and highlighting pansexuality. We also do so with a comedy: not preaching to our audiences but inviting them to join in our confusion and joy in a complex and vibrant world.


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