Mum, Mummy, Mother

House Rules Theatre

Camden People's Theatre

"To you, Mom was always Mom. It never occurred to you that she had once taken her first step, or had once been three or twelve or twenty years old." - Kyung-Sook Shin

Based on interviews with mothers and maternal figures from all differing backgrounds, 'Mum, Mummy, Mother' tells the seldom-told stories of life before motherhood, and how that life changes when motherhood begins. The play has been built with mothers at the heart of it, through open discussions, workshops, and artist's sessions with some of the incredible mothers from the local community and all across the UK.

House Rules Theatre's debut production is funny, inquisitive, and heart wrenching. It tells the story of a mother's firsts - from her first memory, to her first child, and asks the question - who was mum before she was mum?


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