More Matter (Less Art)

Hissy Fits

Etcetera Theatre

Have you seen Hamlet? Of course you have, don’t worry this isn't really that. If you’re looking for meaning, filled with dread, want to laugh into the void or all of the above, this two hander has something for you. Lost somewhere in the narrative of Hamlet, two nameless performers struggle to recall their roles, both in the play and in life. As they begin to spiral, so do their words and sense stops making, well... sense.

Written by Adeline Huggins, More Matter (Less Art) takes a knife to the once experimental form of absurd theatre, carving out a queer exploration of existentialism and performance. A disruption of the traditional relationship between playwright, character and actor, More Matter inverts the narrative structures which cast much of theatre in the mould of European men. What is left is a poetic skeleton, blurring the line between monologue and dialogue. It is a text which leaves its own nuance and texture to be shaped by the identities of the actors.

Ultimately, More Matter (Less Art) asks us what it means to be - or rather, to not.


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