Mixed Omens

The Improvised Play

In the shadows that lie between real life and mythos lurk characters who are entirely normal but impossible all at once. Demons and gods alike intermingle with humans- sometimes seamlessly, sometimes not. Based on the works of Neil Gaiman (American Gods, The Sandman, Good Omens), Mixed Omens creates an entirely new show every evening. There’s no need to be superstitious of course... or is there?

Mixed Omens is brought to you by The Improvised Play, one of London’s premier narrative improv groups. Previous shows include The Glass Imaginary, an improvised play in the style of Tennessee Williams, and Love and Misinformation, an improvised play in the style of Caryl Churchill.

Cast: Stephen Davidson, Invi Brenna, Karolina (Karo) Kriks, Chris Mead, Jon Nguyen, Ashara Peiris, Avril Poole, Teresa Senyah, and Kiran Shah

60 mins


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Theatre, Devised, Physical Theatre

Theatre, Devised, Physical Theatre


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