Collateral Damage

Little Angel Theatre

Imagine being pregnant? Imagine being the last person on earth? Imagine being both....
In a post-apocalyptic world, a WOMAN stands alone with the clutter of mankind, the remnants of technology and her baby bump.

It is the distant (or not too distant) future and civilization as we know it has collapsed.....all bar one woman. MaMa is an absurdist black comedy about life, love.... and the apocalypse. If it all began with a bang, how did it end? Also, what message would you like to pass on to your younger self?

Themes include eco-feminism, motherhood, technology and the human condition. MaMa has a cast of three characters, WOMAN and two SIRI's.

This production is part of a Theatre Green Book trial of shows that use less resources, recycle more, and control energy in all aspects of the production. The Theatre Green Book is an initiative by the whole of theatre to work in more sustainable ways.


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