Liam Tulley: APPY – Work in Progress

Liam Tulley

APPY - is a work in progress stand up comedy show from Liam Tulley about the current digital age where everyone seems to be attractive, happy and popular.

Social media can sometimes make it appear as though everyone is living a life better than our own and can leave us feeling like a failure. Failure that is created entirely by our own mindset, which leads to an increase in anxiety and depression.

With humour and material described as inventive and laden with unexpected twists, Liam breaks the spell of the barrage of expectations that convince us being imperfect amounts to failure. Allowing happiness in times of struggle and moments in life that keep him going in an era of scrolling, swiping, posing and pretending.

'An original mordant thinker, droll beyond his years and very funny' - Anthony J Brown (Comedy Promoter)

'Funny and formed the mood of the room' - Peter Fox (Comedy Reviewer)

'His angry rants against idiocy got the crowd on his side immediately' - Scunthorpe Independent

45 mins


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