La Cenerentola

Opera Kipling

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

Opera Kipling presents an innovative re-imagining of Rossini‘s classic opera La Cenerentola based on the Grimms fairytale, Cinderella.
La Cenerentola is an operatic retelling of the classic fairytale with a twist. Rossini replaces a fairy Godmother with a magical wizard, a shoe with a bracelet and Step-mother with a Baron!

Cinderella is not like her siblings; she communicates using Sign Supported English, and is often met with suspicion by her family. She is kind, hard-working and through support of a magical fairy Godmother, will get the disco-chance of a lifetime!

Our production aims to create fully-accessible Opera, using subtitling in conjunction with Sign Supported English. British Sign Language was not recognised legally as a language until 2003 and Sign Supported English is still unrecognised. SSE is often used by those who become D/deaf later in life and can bring a new level of access to theatre goers who depend on it. Our show will not only challenge your perception of D/deaf persons, but will entertain you with some fantastic music, amazing acting and laugh out loud moments!

Get ready for a fun night with an eighties twist, a lot of neon and a Cinderella who signs!


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