Junk Mail Order Bride

Helen K & Ben Henley

Aces and Eights

What is a young Russian immigrant doing with a middle-aged IT guy? Whatever it takes to fool the Home Office, you might think. But is the concept of a mail-order bride as simple as it sounds? Is "Russian singles in your area" a promise or a threat?

Award-winning stand-ups Helen K and Ben Henley explore themes of identity and technology in this hilarious show that challenges sterotypes.

Siberia-born Helen and Dudley-born Ben met slinging insults at each other at Roast Battle, where Ben is a seasoned competitor and Helen was a new but vicious challenger. They have both won the Vauxhall Comedy Ding Dong Gong Show and some other things.

"Helen has this subtle, smooth and deadpan delivery that hits home every time" - Mr Cee
"Ben has no future in comedy but he's very funny" - Lewis Schaffer

Photo credit: Charlie Dewick


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