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If we can see the love,
Just let me know you are at home.
Never do the same,
as you wish,
I'll be in your dream.

Homeless is a devising political theatre discussing the madness in modern society. It is about the life of people who are at the edge of the social system. They are homeless from both outside and inside. The show describes the daily life of an immigrant who is living in the street of a big city with a dog and trying to survive in his own way. He keeps talking about his experience as a
pilot, a train driver, and an alien, but no one knows where he is from.

Writer: Aman Anam
Director: Moses Hao
Producer: UU Xinyou Zhang
Assistant producer: Siyu Chen
Associate Director: Diyu Liu
Graphic Designer: Aman Anam
Set and Costume Designer: Constance Comparot

Aman Anam
Vkin Vats


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