Home Undone

Bocadillo with Cheddar and ACT Theatre Practice

A Latino cook, a burger-pressing marvel, finds himself in a sizzling identity crisis, pondering whether culinary icons like Ramsey or Escoffier ever fathomed the creative joy that comes with embodying the imperfect machine. His repeating mantra is, 'In London, we are all cooks.' Yes, chef!

In a small room, a woman awaits her partner’s return, her tired body runs a stagnant race against time, while her mind travels feverishly spewing out her memories, desires and expectations in a bilingual monologue, as her thoughts spill forth revealing the resounding weight of introspection.

Elpida stands on the edge of Dover’s white cliffs. She is wearing a Greek traditional costume. She feels trapped in her everyday life. In order to escape she allows others to steal parts of her identity or she gets rid of them by herself. Her identity lies on the floor in pieces. Will she be able to collect them back?

HOME UNDONE is the first creative collaboration between ACT Theatre practice and Bocadillo with Cheddar. Following their experiences as migrants in London, Despoina, Juan and Diana delve into the complexities of a multilingual theatre woven into the integration puzzle of London’s society.

45 mins


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