Blackthorn Theatre Company / Tom Levermore

Etcetera Theatre

Heretic/Gallows is a one act, two-handed black comedy, being produced by Blackthorn Theatre Company. The tone of the piece focuses on the underclass of Great Britain, and her criminally addicted.

Two armed robbers return to their studio flat post-heist, their target, an off-licence. One is Older, the other Younger. Returning with their plunder, they realise they haven’t come back with much from the raid, arguing about shares, and who will receive the bigger cut. One, a hardened criminal and seasoned drug addict, with a fiery temper to a fault. A figure that represents lager louts and plastic gangstas. The other is a younger man, fallen into destitution and poverty, drugs filling the void as he yearns to escape the rat-race of a metro lifestyle. Tragedy and hilarity are dispensed in equal measures in this bizarre study into a Britain lost.

Heretic/Gallows is the third play written by Tom Levermore, but the first put to stage for Blackthorn Theatre. The company's Co-Artistic Director Betsy Chadwick-Jones is spearheading direction and creative vision, Lockhart Ogilvie is set to play the role of Older, with Michael Dennison playing opposite as Younger.


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