Scratching Collective

GUNK is about three best friends who try to defy the man by forming the coolest feminist punk band ever. Along the way, one of the girls falls in love with the enemy... a boy. Inspired by Viv Albertine’s autobiography, GUNK navigates Agnes, Bella and Jen’s varied relationships with feminism, puberty and men complete with live music.

GUNK is a play that tries to celebrate feminism and womanhood by replicating the feeling of being 16 years old again, through a narrative defined by hope, want and downright silliness.

Although GUNK is stitched together with snippets of the girls’ band practices, a riff battle and a full song, the music is just one very loud part of the show. It is through punk-dom that the girls set out to make a change but also ultimately tears them apart through disagreements over violent lyrics and Agnes’ dictatorship.

GUNK opens a feminist conversation about where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re going.

60 mins


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