Tune in to GÄMEZ TV! — the comedy night of improvised TV hits!

GÄMEZ TV! is a night of spoofed TV shows completely made up from audience suggestions. From dating shows and Kids’ TV to period drama and daytime TV - no channel is safe!

Every episode has its own lightning-fast, hilarious games, with different characters, places and genres each time. No two nights are the same, but they are a "lorra, lorra laughs".

So put the remote down and tune in to GÄMEZ TV! Going out is the new staying in.


GÄMEZ have been performing silly improvised games since 2018. They’re based in London and regularly perform at Hoopla! Impro, London’s first and biggest improv comedy school.

GÄMEZ have performed GÄMEZ TV! at the Brighton Fringe (2022), Camden Fringe (2022, 2023) and most recently at the Barcelona Improv Festival (2023) and Ireland Improv Fest (2023).

60 mins


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Comedy, Immersive Improvised

Comedy, Immersive Improvised


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