Big Licks Theatre & Red Jay Theatre Company

The Cockpit

London. Now. LEANNE, a crisis helpline worker and cat enthusiast is an internationally famous influencer... in her mind. Her crushing social anxiety and blind influencer worship routinely destroy her confidence, scrolling through the beauty-obsessed, fame-worshipping, follower-frenzied, online world that is the hellish Instagram hierarchy. She longs to have a dedicated fan base like her insta-model idol, POPPY, whom “virtually” she’s completely fallen in love with. Despite her two dedicated followers, Mum and the fella with the combover who works in Londis, her life’s dream isn’t getting any closer. However, after a disparaging chance meeting with POPPY in an M&S toilet, LEANNE’s obsession and rage soon creates dangerous ideas and even more bizarre consequences...
A fiercely feminist, influencer comedy musical about self-worth, self-love, the shallowness of our social media age and the bravery to just be yourself.


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