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“Sign. Do it for womankind.”

Marlowe’s Faustus - but make him female and on the verge of freeing womankind.

After her radical PhD thesis is rejected, Faustine accidentally summons the demon Mephistophilis, who offers to eradicate female pain in exchange for Faustine’s soul. Now, the end of female biological oppression hinges on one vital question: Will Faustine sign?

FAUSTINE is a one-act, dark comedy play which explores gender bias in medical research, endometriosis and female pain, and asks how far is too far to fight for your cause.

Pull up your Bridget Jones knickers and prepare to indulge in the sweet capabilities of darkest Hell. Think: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina meets Fleabag.

After one hell of a R&D on Halloween in 2022, FAUSTINE is back to further Light At Midnight Theatre’s ambition of retelling classical plays through a modern, feminist lens - and doing it with a banging soundtrack.

Audience responses:
“Innovative and challenging.”
“Devilishly good fun.”
“This feminist take on a classic was just brilliant combined with fantastic performances all round!”


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