Freshly Squeezed Theatre

Etcetera Theatre

4 idiot clowns attempt to put on a memorial for their dead friend, Nameless the Clown. In his honour, they put on their theatre show EVERYTHING, ALWAYS.

The only issue is that they've never performed it without him. Uh-oh.

Can Balloonless, Tasteless, Childless and Friendless get through the Memorial without killing each other? Or will grief get the better of them?

I bloody hope not.

The main theme of EVERYTHING, ALWAYS: The Memorial is grief; the many shapes it can take and how ruthless the feeling can be and finding the comedy within sadness. Grief is a universal experience; how would you take it on? Maybe you'll see yourself in these clowns...

EVERYTHING ALWAYS: The Memorial is a unique show as it allows us to weave autobiographical stories and emotion into a show about clowns being stupid. Yes, one moment may be a shite Elvis dance-off but the next could be a harrowing story about mental illness. EVERYTHING ALWAYS is a show ready to make the audience laugh, then cry, then laugh again, then get punched in the stomach.


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